2 v. 2 Pasghetti FWF Tournament (Saturday Team Event)

  • 9 队伍 Double Elimination  
  • Duck Game  
  • 2017年 April月 1日 4:00 PM EDT  
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For those who are interested in hosting their own tournament, check out this link!

                   How to Participate

    1. Preregistration is not needed. Be in the group chat 30 minutes before the event to register.

    2. An officer will register your team. Once an officer announces in chat that the bracket is final, refresh this page to see your matchup.

    3. The first (top) team in each bracket will host the game and invite the other.

    4. After the round has concluded, all players will report to chat and announce who advances.

    5. Once an officer announces in chat that the bracket is final, view the bracket here.

    Team (2 v. 2) Format

    - Double elimination. The winning team will stay in their current bracket; the losing team will move into the Losers' Bracket.

    • Losing a second match (a match in the Losers’ Bracket) means elimination.

    • The winning team of the Winners' Brakcet will be able to lose one match in the finals.

    -  Default maps and settings are to be used, with one exception: a host may choose to 
         remove random maps from the rotation. No modifiers.

    • 100% Normal; 0% Custom; 0% Random

    -  Hats used are NOT restricted to any one team. That being said, however, all hats must be vanilla and matching between teammates.
  • -  In the case of conflict, the non-hosting team has hat priority.


    • If a glitch allows one to get to an area of the map that was not available prior to the glitch (i.e. behind a locked door, out of the confines of the map, etc.), it is not allowed and will result in a round loss of the user or a disqualification if they do not concede the point. Think: "Does it allow a duck to access an otherwise inaccessible area of the map?"

    • Any glitch that results in an overtly unfair gain of advantage to the user (i.e. invisibility glitch) is prohibited and will result in the user being disqualified. Think: "Does it allow a duck to become immune or invisible?" 

    • The speed glitch, however,  is allowed since it is equally available to all members.

    In the event that a player cannot be contacted:

    • Add the player to your friends list and give them at least 5 minutes to either answer you or be active in the main chat.

    • Advise the main chat that said player cannot be contacted and wait 5 minutes .If the player hasn’t answered or talked in main chat after that delay, start the match without them.


冠军: VeggieTales (Jaylab212 & Repiteo)
有价值对手: Teletubbies (Slinky & White_Ink)
下次再说: Sushi (HerroHerro911 & VirtualFishBowl)


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